CEMENTOS MELON will replicate the successful experience with CEMENGAL happened through the latest mill grinding development in Puerto Montt, but this time in 2019 with the order of a new Plug&Grind® XTREME modular grinding unit that will be installed at the new industrial development site at the outskirts of Punta Arenas city, Southern Chile.

CEMENGAL will deliver the modular mill unit by the end of 2019 in order to allow the first cement and commissioning of the plant within the first months of 2020. The industrial grinding project awarded to CEMENGAL includes all the mechanical, electrical & automation equipment necessary on a modular ball mill circuit for 300,000 tonnes per annuum of capacity and a latest generation classifier for high strength cements, like the MELON Extra and MELON Especial premium products marketed by the client in Chile.

Thanks to its portability advantages, its modular configuration as well as its really short delivery time, Cementos MELON will be able to reduce the timing and cost of the overall project in order to satisfy the cement demand by the local projects by mid-2020. Other technical risks associated to the industrial projects like demurrages on logistics, site installation and construction of deep foundations will be also mitigated. The Plug&Grind® XTREME plant fits the most modern technologies for cement grinding, separation and filtration to achieve excellent performance values in terms of production capacity for ultrafine cements, reduction po power consumption and efficient recovery of dust in accordance to European environmental regulations.  

This new industrial Project by Cementos MELON in Punta Arena city was announced to the local press in Chile at the end of 2018 by the CEO of Melón S.A., Mr. Jorge Eugenín Ulloa, who advanced some details of the investment and expressed the interest of the Group on the development of the Southern Regions of Chile. Cementos MELON is a private group stocked on the Chilean Market and controlled by the Peruvian BRECA Industrial Group that belongs to the holding of the BRESCIA Family. BRECA is active in industrial developments related to fishing, mining and banking markets. This new grinding plant to be installed in the Punta Arenas factory will be the industrial facility placed at the most southern latitude in the world.